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Our body treatment options utilize minimally invasive, non-surgical techniques to contour areas of the body and smooth skin by administering injectable fillers and, in some cases, neurotoxins. With long-lasting results, this treatment is effective and desirable. Injecting the filler deeply into the dermis can stimulate collagen production, which naturally smooths and tightens the skin. These treatments can be used to treat cellulite, or smooth and shape the decolletage area. It typically takes several weeks to see the full results from this process.

If you are looking to target specific areas of your body that have not responded to other treatments, our body treatments may be an excellent option for you. Our team is highly trained and can discuss your cosmetic goals in detail while providing you with the necessary information to make an informed decision.


Neck Rejuventation

Chest Rejuventation


Body Contouring

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